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Gavin Varejes is a South African native. Born and bred in Durban, he learned to be a lifeguard while he was in school, strengthening his swimming through water polo. One of three brothers, Gavin spent much of his childhood basking on the beaches near the warm city of his childhood. He learned about safe water practices and regularly participated in swimming races. He completed high school and went on to perform his national service in the South Africa Defence Force as both a life guard and a water polo player. After completely his army service, Gavin earned his degree in marketing from the University of Durban. Soon after graduation, he went into the sales business, beginning with photographic equipment. When his business went under due to grey trade competition, he moved from Durban to Johannesburg for a new start.

Entrepreneur on the up and up

Gavin Varejes worked in a variety of industries upon arrival in Johannesburg, especially in the mobile technology field. He worked for a few years in various companies to gain experience in the business world and then began his own venture, Richmark Holdings, in the year 2000. Gavin's goal in starting Richmark was to help boost talented South African innovators, promote continuity and contribute to long-term economic growth in the country. This venture capital company takes a more active role in the process of making decisions within companies they invest in, with the hope of directing start-ups to economic success, as well as job creation and individual empowerment. Richmark is an angel investment company, which means they make funding sources and mentoring available for small businesses needing a boost to get started or continue on their path. It is one of the major companies practicing this type of investment, and is currently considering expanding beyond South Africa into Kenya.

Gavin Varejes is not only a successful businessman; he is a philanthropist as well. He channels one of his talents to benefit others: recruiting important people to sponsor good causes. His main interest lies in sports, as a fan and a history buff. Gavin Varejes' name is associated with the big names in South African sports, which he leverages to raise capital for a number of different charity causes. For example, he enlisted a few former members of the famous South African Boks rugby team to donate their time and fame to benefit the Ernie Els Autism Centre. He also founded the South African Ruby Legends Association, which provides a number of services to disadvantaged children around South Africa. As a completely non-racially oriented organization, the Gavin Varejes' Legends Association runs rugby programmes for underprivileged children, talent seeking efforts, adopt-a-school programmes and crime prevention programmes.

With his family

Gavin Varejes is a family man as well as a businessman and philanthropist. He has been married to Jo-Ann for over two decades and the couple has two children. He loves to entertain friends and colleagues, going out for a tequila or seafood delight, but also finds plenty of time to be at home with his family.

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